Nik Vandeventer

Photo by: Some random Photo Booth in San Francisco

I'm Nik, if you didn't figure that out by now, it's short for Nikki which is short for Nicole. You can call me whatever you're comfortable with, except Nicole, don't call me that. I like to think that I'm a fun, creative free spirit who loves to make others happy with the things I create, especially through photography. A few things I'm obsessed with: cats, good coffee, craft beer, traveling, laughing, music, live shows, cooking but more importantly eating, my rad friends, anything true crime, the food network (mostly for Bobby Flay) oh and my husband Matt I guess, he's pretty cool too. I believe I have a pretty interesting and unique eye when it comes to capturing things through the lens of a camera & if you agree then lets make magic together! If not, gtfo..just kidding..but no really, BYE. 

Scan 22.jpeg

It me. With a piece of gum hanging out of my wide open mouth, I'm a professional, guys!